Welcome to the West Virginia National Guard tuition assistance website.
Please login or register for access.  If you have not read this home page recently, please take the time to do so as there are some important changes you need to be aware of.
**Please ensure when submitting every new application that you review your personal information.  Pay particular attention to your ETS date, as you must be a member for the entirety of the semester/term you are applying for TA.  If your ETS is not sufficient to cover the semester and your intent is to re-enlist/extend, but you are unable to do so until after the semester/term begins, you will need to request and submit a LETTER OF INTENT prior to your application being approved.
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS:  Applications for state tuition assistance must be submitted EACH semester.  Applications are to be submitted 60 days prior to the start of classes.  If your application is being submitted past the deadline, please contact us to obtain the LATE LETTER TEMPLATE which must be submitted along with any supporting documentation for your tardy submission such as orders, etc.  As per regulations, you will remain on hold until ruled upon by the Program Advisors as to whether you will be authorized to submit an application.  If questionable, the application will be referred to the Educational Encouragement Committee and could be paid at less than the 100% level.  Send to kathy.L.kidd6.nfg@mail.mil or

AMU STUDENTS:  Separate applications must be submitted for classes with different start dates.  Finsh dates can vary on the same application.  IF you do not use all the credits applied for on an application, unused approved hours do not carry over to future start dates.  If the class start date DOES NOT match the start date on the application, tuition WILL NOT be paid.  You must notify our office of any changes immediately in writing.

For those using GI Bill Chapter 33:  You must register your benefits with the school first.  If you are receiving a percentage of Chapter 33, then State TA can pay for the remaining balance of tuition after Federal money has been applied.  State funds cannot be awarded as an overpayment.  When applying to AMU, select Employer Voucher Payment as your method of payment. Use the EIN code, 11111111.  This will eliminate the initial out of pocket cost.
UPCOMING APPLICATION DEADLINES FOR American Public University / American Military University:
Class Start Date                            Application Deadline
6 July 2015                                          5 May 2015
3 August 2015                                     4 June 2015
7 September 2015                               3 July 2015
5 October 2015                               6 August 2015
2 November 2015                           2 September 2015
7 December 2015                           8 October 2015
4 January 2016                                2 November 2015
APPLICATION TIPS:  Step 2 of the application: School Information. When asked for address, provide the address where you will reside while school is in session. 
If you do not know your student ID# use the last 4 of your social.
Step 3 - The application asks for number of credit hours.  Enter the number of credit hours you will be taking in the upcoming semester, NOT credits needed to complete your degree.

ETS Date: Enter the date your current contract with the Guard expires.
BCT: Enter the date you completed Basic Training.
PEBD: Enter the date you joined the Guard.

NEW PROGRAM REGULATIONS:  Current Regulations were effective on August 3, 2011... A new version is set to be released this coming July 2013.  Please let us know if you do not receive a copy. 

Some important points to keep in mind:  All changes in status must be reported to the EEP Director in writing (kathy.l.kidd6.nfg@mail.mil).  This includes: schedule changes, change in address/phone number or change in unit.  Grades must be submitted at the end of each semester.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable, but must include classes, grades, term hours and GPA as well as overall hours completed and GPA.  A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for continued participation in the program.

Summer school must be pre-approved - Application and email/letter explaining why you need summer school must be submitted.  Summer shcool cannot interfer with annual training.  Students must fulfill their military obligations.
- Unauthorized absences will result in ineligibility to receive tuition assistance.
- If a class must be repeated due to a failing grade, another source of funding must be used.  The EEP program cannot pay a second time for a repeated class.
- Withdrawal from classes: Student must provide drop slip to the EEP Director.  If the withdrawal is because of military obligations, orders must be provided to the school and the EEP Director.  If not, you will be responsible for repayment of ALL tuition and fees paid on your behalf by the State TA program.

18 June 2015 for start date of 17 August 2015:                                                  
              Bluefield State         
              Blue Ridge CTC
              Bridge Valley CTC (Bridgemont & Kanawha Valley)
              Concord University
              Fairmont University
                     Pierpont CTC
              Glenville State
               Marshall University
              New River CTC
               Potomac State 
               West Liberty
              West Virginia University
              West Virginia State
               WVU Parkersburg
25 June 2015 for start date of 24 August 2015        
                David & Elkins
                Mountwest CTC
                Ohio Valley University
                Southern West Virginia CTC
                Shepherd University
                University of Charleston
                WV Wesleyan
                Wheeling Jesuit
If your WV School isn't listed then you need to go with 18 June 2015                      
If you need any assistance please contact Kathy L. Kidd mailto:kathy.l.kidd6.nfg@mail.mil OR Valerie Ball  email to:  valerie.j.ball3.nfg@mail.mil or Josh Mullins eamil:  joshua.l.mullins7.nfg@mail.mil